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Common Queries

What is your cancellation/return policy?

Will gladly accept cancellations within 24 hours of purchase.

Due to the sanitary nature of the items sold we DO NOT take returns and ALL sales are final. 

The only exception is if your product arrives damaged or defective. In this case please contact High Shine Studio for further assistance.

How do I find my size?

Since we know sizing your own nails with measuring equipment is so much work we have better options!

1. You can order a self sizing kit for in any shape or length we offer. The kit will include 2 of each nail unpainted in sizes 0-9 or 0-11 and is shipped with in 48 hours!

2. Order a full set from our RTS inventory that include 2 of each size nail 0-9 or 0-11, a sizing card with instructions and a place to jot down your sizes for safe keeping.

All RTS nails sets ship within 48 hours FREE within the US

What to expect for custom orders?

If you don't already know your sizes you will need one of our self sizing kits.

We have kits in every shape and length combo we offer.

Once you send me your sizes and pay the $15 deposit ( this goes toward total price of nails) you can send inspo. pics or we can build a custom look for your special set together. 

To send me sizing info and custom request please hit the contact button above to send an email to

What's the difference between RTS full sets and RTS pre-sized sets?

RTS or (ready to ship) nails all include a basic prep kit for application and are shipped within 48 hours FREE in the US!

The difference is RTS full sets include 2 of each nail size from 0-9 or 0-11 (depending on the brand) and come already designed and ready to wear!

RTS pre-sized sets come with 10 designed nails only and are in a specific size.


XS- 3-6-5-7-9

S- 2-5-4-6-9

M- 1-5-4-6-8

L- 0-4-3-5-7

XL- 0-3-2-4-6

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