Nail prep kits

Nail prep kits

Basic prep kits are always included with any nail set sold (unless upgraded kit is selected).


Basic prep kits 

1 tube nail glue 

1 mini buffer

1 mini Nail file

1 cuticle pusher

2 alcohol wipes


Double up prep kits

2 tube nail glue 

2 mini buffer

2 mini Nail file

2 cuticle pusher

4 alcohol wipes


Deluxe prep kits

1 large nail file

2 mini buffers

2 small nail files

1 full size nail glue - 7ML

2 orange stick cuticle pushers

6 alcohol prep pads

1 sheet self adhesieve tabs (GREAT for 1-2 hour wear)

1 all natural cuticle oil pen - 3ML

1 cuticle cream pot - 3 -5ML



    Prep Kits

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